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Our company is located in ShaHe high-tech development zone the central part of the national famous glass production base. Our company always adhere to the integrity-based principle, that "good faith, honest work, honesty is the lifeblood of enterprises"! Hebei Xuyang Building Materials Co. Ltd.

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Main producst: can produce ultra-thin glass thickness between 0.18mm-7.00mm, production according to customers order.
Main Application
Mirror making, car mirror, meter, high precision instrument, decorative items. Glass deep-processing: glass craft, frosted, fabric etc.
  • decorative glass
    On the quality of products, we check materials strictly and supervise every procedure strictly like mixing materials, leading-up, melting, annealing, cooling, cutting and other working procedures. We all strive to seek increasing perfection in every procedure. At present, the production has met the design requirements and the transparency, flatness, thickness of glass can meet the quality requirements of customers.
  • Tempered glass is mainly used for aluminum alloy, glass doors and windows, sand table, high-grade door curtain wall, background wall glass, glass murals, curtain wall glass, tea table glass, guardrail glass, laminated glass building door, windows, curtain wall, glass roof, glass panels, glass screen, indoor partition, glass counter, stair armrest.
  • Ultra-thin glass is mainly used for lighting, refrigerators, air conditioning, instrumentation, advanced plating mirror, all kinds of lens, mobile phone screen, conductive film.
  • Hollow glass is mainly used for heating, air conditioning, noise preventing or dew moisture condensation, and no direct sunlight or special light structures. Widely used in home, restaurant, hotel, office building, school, hospital, shop indoor air conditioning.
  • Laminated glass is mainly used for lighting shed, alarm building doors and windows, bath room, skylight of industrial workshop and shop windows. And other places with special security requirements, such as bank, jewelry store, aquarium.
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